Monday, 18 March 2013

Purikura Review: Oh My Girl

Here’s a machine that is fast becoming a favourite of mine!


So this machine is a bit different from the usual set up. The first screen is outside the machine. I think this is an attempt to actually speed up the flow on busy times, or as part of the same waiting psychology as the mirrors near elevators. There’s a big notice on the screen to make sure you know to start outside.


Then it tells you what steps you have to do on the outside screen.


Your course choices are “Sweet Girl” and “High Sense Lady”. Sweet Girl is a bit softer and warmer while High Sense Lady is sharper and uses slightly cooler tones. That goes for the faces and the background choices. We went for High Sense Lady.


Next you put in your names.


Then it’s background time, there are a lot of really cute backgrounds, it’s always hard to choose on this machine!




There are also sets if you find choosing too hard!


The special feature of this machine is that you can choose between a full-length collage, a magazine style cover shot and solo shots.


Usually I do the magazine cover but I have done the collage, which takes your two full length shots and then you pose for the two extra ones. So here, for example, my friend third from the right and I on the far left are posing for this picture. The doll poses and the ballet poses are from the main set of purikura… I hope that makes sense!


The magazine choices. These change slightly depending on the seasons.


Here’s the same option but in Christmas and winter versions. (You don’t get to choose that, it changes automatically with the seasons)



Anyway, once you have made your selections you go into the booth, you touch the screen to start but there is a timer so try and be beautimous before you go in! The set up has quite big and bright lights…


After you take your shots you can choose your eye size and skin tone. It’s nice that you get to see a preview before you choose.



After that you go to the third outside screen as usual for decoration. There are special stamps for ‘Oh My Girl’- The OMG ones are quite fun!


There are some nice names stamps but a few of them are hard to see depending on your background or clothes.


Date stamps: They match quite nicely with the name stamps, some machines they don’t.


Some fun stamps, I like the NG and BAD ones for when you make a weird face, it’s a bit more fun that just scribbling your face out as my students often do! Makes their purikura look like something from The Ring!


Sorry about the strobing, but these are the fashion stamps. I like the small ones on the left but the bigger ones on the right are a bit too much I think.


Some of the fonts and colours you can use, there seems to only be one Japanese font though…


Seasonal stamps. You can choose from any of the months on the left to get all the seasonal stamps. I was thinking of trying to make a purikura calendar for next year so that might come in handy!


Love stamps. Notice the Beatles song and French for the first time in purikura!


This is the blog parts/banner section, there is a few different sizes you can choose each with their own choice of frames, pens etc. I usually keep these simple with a pre-chosen frame.



Once you’ve finished your decoration the last steps are layout, and putting in your mobile phone. Recently I’ve stopped getting the fancy layouts in favour of extra small purikuras but my friend was impressed with the layout as they are new since she last came to Japan.


And our pictures!

The “We are soooo happy” came from the one-touch decoration.


The names were part of the frame, I think…



Blog banner:


Magazine cover:


An example of a Sweet Girl magazine cover:


And as I have never taken solos here are examples from the image models:



I really really like this machine and it’s very close to replacing Me Her Jyoshi as my favourite. The print quality is high and it makes you very pretty! I think if I wanted cool or sweet I’d choose this one, and if I wanted fun or funky I’d choose Me Her.


  1. did Bonnie come back to Japan?! omg!

    Is this the machine that makes your legs crazy skinny? i don't think so but i HAAAATE that machine so much, you should do a feature on it cuz it's just gross... like, all those pics that keep popping on my dash on tumblr of j-girls that take picks with that machine and their legs litterally look like super elongated twigs... i mean that's not cute at all and obviously altered... i think it was that one we took with Erik and i put my face at the bottom and it was all stretched... lol.

    I have noticed that nearly all your recent puri comes from OH-MY-GIRL, lol!

    1. She did but only last minute and only briefly!

      It does elongate your legs but its not the worst I've seen. Plus those girls often look too thin to me IRL so yeah >< The one that stretched your face was Black Cat, that hasn't come here yet!

      It makes me look pretty so I like it! :D

  2. Oooo, this is so pretty! There aren't any machines close to where I live :( ... maybe one day! :P

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

    p.s. Come join my big giveaway! ;D

    1. I think Japanese stuff is getting more and more popular so we can hope for global purikura-ness one day!!

  3. that was a fun post! I miss Japan for the purikura ^^ ahh~

    1. It's so much fun and the machines are changing so much! Hope you get to come back and play one day!

  4. Cute! I love purikura!
    There's hardly any in Australia where I live... ;(

  5. This is so nice! I love this so much!

  6. are there layouts for this booth that allows for four people in a group to have the same picures


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