about me

Hello! I'm glad you are here!

My name is Samantha and I'm from the UK. I moved to Japan in August of 2004 and I am planning on being here for a long while yet!

I took my first purikura in November of 2004 with one of my best friends who has since moved back to the UK. It was a very old school machine and I looked at the screen not the camera but I was hooked!

 For the past seven years all major events, concerts, holidays, new haircuts, dates and even just idle moments have been captured on purikura. My purikura album is half photo-album and half-diary.

I once told my ex-boyfriend that if we got married I wanted to take purikura between the ceremony and the reception, I hope my future husband will agree to it!

These days I mostly take purikura with one of my best friends, we take purikura pretty much every week. I've been told we are "good at" purikura, which seemed odd to me at first but I guess I can see that we pose pretty well!

 I wanted to have some kind of blog and tried a few things but nothing that kept my interest until another friend suggested I write a purikura blog. Now I write reviews for the new machines and keep an eye out for purkiura related programmes and news stories.

If you are new to purikura try the tutorials, if you want to see the different machines check out the reviews, if you want to see more of my purikura take a look at my tumblr and if you want to get future posts by reader use the rss feed.

Oh, and if you want to email me with comments or questions you can email me at:


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