Sunday, 10 March 2013

Purikura Collection: Host Edition

I was going through a pile of old magazines today and found some from my host club phase a couple of years ago. (Host clubs are lots of fun by the way!) Flicking though I noticed there was a readers' purikura section. But no purikura of the actual hosts, so I decided to find some for a collection post!

Guys don't generally take purikura without girls except for school clubs, gyaruo and hosts. A lot of purikura places won't even let groups of guys in without girls as a way to stop the perving/harassment that would sometimes happen. I have a theory that the benches are to prevent up-skirt camera shots while the girls are distracted, but that's just a thought.

So if you are unaware of hosts, they are basically guys who work in a clubs as entertainers/escorts. They sit and talk with you, make you feel like you are really special and encourage you to spend a lot of money on drinks at the club. (A champagne tower can cost a months rent!)

They also have a specific look- usually fancy suits, open shirt, lots of bling, big belts and big big hair. The most famous place for host clubs in Kabukicho in Tokyo.

So first up here are the pages of the host magazine Men's Yukai. (Looks like it's no longer being published) These are sent in by the readers. There's quite a mix of summer, winter, Christmas, night out and every day purikura here!

And here's some of actual hosts. I labelled them by the club or group name I could find from the posts, but the guys move around quite a lot and clubs close and open fairly often too.

Air Group

Air Group (He's taking the blog reader on a virtual date I think)

Romeo Group

Victorian Queen

Club Crest

Club Crest

Club Seven

Club Virgo

Conforto Group

Fuyutsuki Group
Club Tribe Star (Osaka)

Joker Rose


  1. Victorian Queen <3 I really want to visit this.....dansou <3

  2. Wow I didn't know that they don't let in boys O_o
    I always thought they don't like Purikuras because it makes them look so feminin :D
    Well that might be an additional reason.

    Oh I'd really love to check out a host club but I assume I am way to poor to afford it :D
    And I am a minor in Japan, do you think I can still visit hiost clubs?

    1. It's not so much feminine as "I look like an alien!" But yeah the decorations are pretty girlie so it's not common with regular guys.

      There might be somewhere that let's you in but I doubt it as they are premises for alcohol and everywhere I've been IDs on the door.

  3. Such a cool collection of Puricura with host's. *__*

  4. how does this post have no comments?! lol.

    omg, the fat one in the club seven pic... lol

    1. That's because I have to approve them first because of the spam ><

      He's probably the funny one...

  5. I was surprised at how I find most of them really average looking or even ugly when I was in Kabukisho. Lol Still interesting to see them in Purikuras! Haha

    1. I think maybe too attractive guys song make good hosts as they've always relied on their looks- they don't have to be attentive and entertaining

    2. song is the new don't! ><

  6. hey!
    I know that guy in VQ, is my friend Rai! www

    1. Really? He has awesome hair! Hope he doesn't mind his pic on the blog!

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