Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Unique Purikura: Power Rangers

Even though my friend came to visit I didn’t want to take purikura this weekend as I had a horrible cold. We decided to go watch Die Hard instead.

But in the foyer of the cinema we saw a purikura machine!


It’s the first time I’ve seen movie tie-in purikura. This is for the new Go-Busters VS Pirate Power Rangers Something Something movie (apparently the red one is called ‘Captain Marvellous’ which I approve of).

Anyway we decided to try it, I figured my flu-mask would fit right in with the hero masks. It was 500 yen, which is more than the usual 400 but the same as other unique machines.

It said on the outside that you can use the pictures for Facebook/SNS sites but apparently that’s only some machines. This one didn’t have that option.


Inside it had decent enough lighting, the screen and print out is all inside like purikura in the olden days Smile


There were two pens to use the screen. But you can’t decorate or use any stamps, just choose your background.


The first screen of backgrounds was the movie ones and there was also a second screen with plain coloured backgrounds. You can choose two backgrounds.


One thing that I have never seen before was the retake button. If you weren’t happy with your shot you could take it again, and choose between the two shots. It only lets you retake once though.

It was actually kind of hard to fit in because the backgrounds/foregrounds were quite big, but I guess it’s more about the movie pictures than the actual purikura.

The quality was somewhere between regular purikura and the other unique machines I’ve tried.


I very much wish that they would make an Avengers purikura machine but I don’t hold out much hope!


  1. ohhhhh really cool XD want a one here too *laugh*

    ah for you puri-map...the one in germany, düsseldorf OCS will close.

  2. Hi, where is this great purikura machine :-)? Thanks a lot!

    1. It was in the foyer of my local cinema, I guess big city cinemas might have them but I'm not sure exactly!

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Will try to find a similar one in Tokyo!! Keep having fun!!


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