Sunday, 27 January 2013

Taking Purikura with a Baby

So during winter break one of my friends came back to town for a visit and brought her five-month-old baby. It was the first time I met him and of course we took purikura, so I thought I’d blog about how it was! Plus there’s some model gyaru mama pics later on Smile


He was a really good natured baby, considering they’d travelled by shinkansen already to get to my city. We had lunch and he was giggling away and trying to eat mama’s pasta, even though he’s not on food yet.

My friend didn’t bring her stroller so she just had him in a sling thing and a big bag of baby stuff. Once we got into the purikura booth it was hard to fit all the stuff out of sight of the camera. Most people just leave the strollers outside the booth. Though I have seen purikura with the stroller inside. I can see that in some small packed-in arcades you’d have issues trying to get to the machines.

Also luckily we were in a purikura corner of a shopping centre not an arcade so it wasn’t crazy noisy and didn’t make him cry!

We picked Girls’ Photographer because it was empty and that’s better than keeping baby happy while we wait.

Once we got in he was looking around at the lights a bit but they take purikura together often so it wasn’t a brand-new experience for him.


When we got ready to pose we got close and I think he got a good look at my blue eyes and wouldn’t stop staring! lol so we had three pictures where he’s looking at me.



She said she usually follows the guide poses as much as she can but it depends how he’s behaving…


You also end up trying to get him to look towards the camera…



After this she said she wanted to take one more set so we chose Lady By Tokyo. Again, because it was empty at the time. Baby was getting sleepy by now so it was a bit easier but less fun!







As for decoration, it was a little tricky the first time when he was awake and wriggly, but the second time he slept right through it. She said she just does as much as she can.

As you can see I made use of all the “baby” stamps I could find, they are meant for couples but it works here! For the name section she combines their names into one portmanteau name.

Here’s baby’s very first purikura:


Pregnant purikura:


Of course the most famous purimama is Masuwaka Tsubasa.

Here’s her pregnant purikura:

images (3)


Can’t believe that’s her at eight months (even if the Japanese count pregnancy differently) she’s TINY! I’d be so worried!


If you haven’t heard, Tsubasa and Naoki recently announced they are getting divorced. So sad- but I hope he’ll still be involved in his son’s life…


“I Love Mama” magazine model and mother of three HinaAko:


“Mama Angel” model Onozaki Ran:


If I ever have children here I will totally have them in purikura as soon as possible!


  1. He's adorable :)
    You and your friend look gorgeous~~
    So jealous of all the purikura you get to take haha.

    1. Thank you! He's lovely :)
      I haven't taken as much recently as I would like but I'm lucky I can take it whenever1

  2. How cute~ the son of your friend looks really cute!

  3. Aw. I think I melted looking at all the really cute purikura. = w=
    So cute! Your friend is absolutely gorgeous too, as are you!

    1. Haha thank you! Very much a cute overload this time!

  4. I like how even Japanese children know to pose in Purikura XDD

    He is sooo cute ~~ I wish we had puri here, I know my goddaughter would love it.

    1. Before they can walk they know the peace pose!


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