Monday, 14 January 2013

Review: La Femme

I think this is the first time there’s been a boy on the blog, and the fact that machine is called La Femme is a total accident… I swear.


I saw this machine a couple of times but nothing drew me to it until I was looking for a new machine to review.

It is very definitely a ‘beauty’ machine, one of its two boasting points are the quality of the photographs. The other is that you choose between four groups for backgrounds. I don’t quite get what it means about the photographs. The blurb on the website just says that you can be ‘sexy, cute, natural, feminine, beautiful’ and probably other related adjectives as well. No actual information on the process or what is new about it.


It has a black interior with ball lights, the darkened ones did light up later (I think for the longer shot but I’m not sure.) The loading screen lets you know that you take five close ups and one medium shot, and that there’s a collage (without an extra picture).


Eye options.


Skin-tone options.


Here you choose your background group. You can choose between pastel, feminine (florals), simple (some darker colours) and season (Christmas at the time). We went with simple. After this you take your pictures straight away, it will give you random backgrounds but you can change them later in the decoration section.


Once you get to the decoration screen, the first thing you have to do is choose your collage. I though there were some cute and unusual designs. I like the one that looks like iPhone app buttons but went with a black and white graffiti one in the end.


Name input is next and you can change the spelling of the English if you need to with the black button to the right of the English names.


I have just realised I didn’t get a clear shot of this but if you want to change the backgrounds you need to tap the button in the pink circle. It will open a new menu and you can choose a different background from within the group you chose at the beginning.

P1060426 (1)

Name stamps. There’s a lot of thin black stamps and it can be hard to place if you are wearing dark clothes.


These are the profile stamps, I like that they had some unusual ones like 草食/肉食 (herbivore/carnivore- slang explained here)


Blog stamps. The usual stuff plus stamps with your name in. I like the sideways “Today’s Look” stamp. Although, you don’t get any proper full length shots with this machine so to have so many fashion stamps seems a little weird. Maybe some hair/make-up related stamps would have been better? “Today’s Eye!” Smile


Date stamps:


“Change” stamps:


The uppermost menu button is “Easy graffiti”. It’s almost like one-touch but you can also add your names direct from that menu. Perfect if you are running out of time or have no inspiration! The theme options along the top are love, friend, other and season. Tap the arrows to see more designs. The very top button is where you can change the name spelling if you need to.


Love stamps, with colour change options on the left hand side.


Simple stamps


Love messages. The “Luv yaaa!!!” is cute!


Friend stamps. Some of these are quite specific. There’s one for 女子会 (girl’s party) 学校帰り (on the way home from school) and リトルモンスター (Little Monster) which I assume must be a Lady Gaga reference. These are great if that’s what you are actually doing but a bit of a waste of space if you are not!


Rolling message stamps.


Fonts for label making. Lots of options here in English and Japanese plus colour options including rainbow and black and white!


Layout options for two people:


I don’t usually take other layout pics but for some reason I did this time. Three people…


…and four people…


And our final pictures!


The “Hello, I’m OOO” are rolling stamps!








All in all, I think that the pictures came out pretty nice. The quality is good but doesn’t strike me as much better than other beauty machines. It has some nice features, like the background options. I don’t think there’s anything too amazing about it but I would definitely use it again and I think it may grow on me!

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