Thursday, 5 January 2012

Egg Magazine Shibuya Survey

Happy New Year! Here’s my first purikura of 2012! Me Her Jyoshi…(I just noticed our names are backwards!)
photo (1)
A while ago Egg magazine had a survey about places to go in Shibuya and of course being a gyaru magazine, purikura and eggnam came up a few times…
eggsurvey01Question: If you’re in Shibuya, where do you take purikura?
1. Eggnam (72%) 2. Mecca (24%) 3. Sega (4%)
Of course Eggnam came top here, the comments say it’s close to 109 and has hair irons and full length mirrors.
Question: If you bring someone to Shibuya for the first time, where would you go?
1. 109 (73.6%) 2. Eggnam (9.4%) 3. Centre Street (7.5%)
Question: What is Shibuya’s No1 Spot?
1. 109 (51.1%) 2. Eggnam (23.4%) 3. Centre Street (8.5%)
Haha, both these questions have the same answers. The percentages are a bit different though.
Question: Where do you go without spending money?
1. Eggnam (38.5%) 2. McDonalds (26.9%) 3. SBY (7.7%)
The comment says she spends 2-3 hours at Eggnam! And it’s heaven Smile They also plug the monthly VIP events that Egg magazine host there.
I somehow didn’t scan one page but I remember that Eggnam was also voted the best place to get tapioca drinks in Shibuya.
This is part of the cute map they drew showing where all the places are, you can see Eggnam behind 109.
No real surprises in the survey but I thought it was a little interesting!


  1. Happy New Year!! n____n//

    I love your 1st purikura of the year. Your outfit is great! And those boots you're wearing +w+ I love them!!

    I'm not surprised someone would bring a new person to 109 for their 1st time in Shibuya, it's such an iconic place to be/go! I dreamed of it for so many years, and even after I've gone I still dream of it XD Hahaha! I haven't been to Eggnam though. I'll definitely have to check it out once I'm in Tokyo later this year.

  2. Thank you! The boots were pretty cheap from a random store here :)

    Yeah, I guess with non-shoppers/regular tourists they'd probably say Hachiko or just the big crosswalk but for fashion-lovers it's like Mecca!

    Eggnam is great because they put thought into the design as well, I think you'll like it!

  3. You know, kinda related to our names being in the opposite order, I keep forgetting to switch places when we take purikura. It would add some nice variety in the collage puri.

    Shall we remedy that when I get back from the States? (^_^)

  4. Yes and YES! Much more puri can only be a good thing! I'll be coming to see you this time if you'll have me! :)


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