Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Purikura Collection

I had planned to do a comprehensive guide to the Christmas themed purikura stamps and frames but time is not on my side! So I have a mini collection of some santa-cosplay purikura and a few examples of Christmas stamps I’ve seen this year.
First up is this GalMama model and her little one, there’s no special stamps here. The simplicity and the skin tone makes me think this is Lady by Tokyo. She has a few other pics up on her blog.
This model has a couple of purikura up from last year, you can see the machine also had cute Christmas stamps.
Here we have Santa and Santa/cat/maid cosplay! She has a few more pics up including a couple of Christmas stamps. This is from last year also.
This is such a cute idea if your machine has no Christmas stamps! Get creative! And if all else fails use a green or red background and just write “Merry Christmas!” or “メリークリスマス!”
The ones I’ve taken this year:
Icon2 not only has a load of Christmas stamps but it also has special Christmas layouts on the printed sheets too!
photo (3)
Mero Mero has some Christmas stamps: (I’m wearing the same top, oops!Embarrassed smile)
photo (1)
Neko to Hyo3 also has some stamps:
photo (2)
 And today (to get the date stamps for Christmas Day) we took Bijou Cosme 3:
photo (5)
photo (6)
photo (4)


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