Saturday, 19 November 2011

Unique Purikura Machines 1

Just a quick post before I head off to Tokyo!
Some touristy places have special purikura machines made just for them. They are pretty old school and are very very basic but I think it’s nice to have purikura that you can’t take anywhere else.
I have two examples for now but I’ll add more as I find them.
First up, back in summer I went home to the UK and flew from Nagoya’s Centrair airport. Yup, they have their very own purikura machine. It’s located after the check-in desks but before the gates on the second level concourse. If memory serves it’s near the Starbucks.
The cloud monster is a bit scary but anyway, like most of these customised machines you have to choose two frames. You take four shots and choose two…and then it prints. There are no pens, stamps or other decorating items. It lightens the skin a little but nowhere near the new machines level.
photo (1)
Cloud Monster is going to eat me!!Disappointed smile
photo (5)
The other one I spotted recently was on a school trip to Little World. (A pretty good place to visit btw). Once the students set off us teachers had a bit of a break and I spotted the purikura machine. The other teachers said it was typical of me to find the only purikura machine for miles! Winking smile
photo (4)
As Little World is about… well… the world, there were a lot of different country themed backgrounds. They also had a little board outside where people could leave their extra pictures.
photo (2)
And the pics…
photo (3)
The machine is near the entrance on the second level to your right if you are looking from outside the entrance gates.
I’ll keep my eye open for more unique machines!


  1. very cool (:!!

    CMPang x

  2. Hey, do you ever go to the Purikura place in London if your from England? x

  3. I'm from England but not London! I'm from Oop Norf and I rarely go to London. I've heard there are very expensive machines in Chinatown though...

  4. I found your blog from Universal Doll's post. I LOVE the idea of a purikura-centric blog! You're rad! XD

  5. Thank you so much! And your comment let me know the Doll post went up so thank you for that too!


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