Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: Floral Lip

They come up with some weird names sometimes don’t they? Here’s a review for a machine that came out just before summer.


Once inside the design of the lights is really surprising, it has lots of flat shapes that look like a flower! They really thought about the design of the machine, I think that the different angles of the lights would help cover flaws but I’m not sure about all the dark patches mixed in with the lights.


You have a choice of traditional rectangular purikura or the more recent trend of square purikura.


The two courses are Pure Sweet and Pure Cool. As you can imagine, sweet has more pastel tones whereas cool has more neutral colours. The website points out that the two courses have different versions of the same frame, rather than completely different frames. That’s nice because I always feel a little like I’m missing out when I have to choose a course! We chose the Pure Sweet course.


When choosing backgrounds you have normal, simple, patterned, floral and frame.




It’s quite nice that they are sticking with the theme and giving you some floral backgrounds, I think if you don’t like flowers then you might want to skip this machine!

The graffiti screen has a slightly different set-up than usually but not enough to confuse you (ahemkaofetiahem). The pens are all next to the main decorating screen, with the other options under the usual tabs at the bottom. In the bottom corner is the one-touch decorating and the blog gif maker. The one touch stuff wasn’t that impressive really, you can see it below…


There’s a whole section for make-up tools. And what’s nice is that it gives you a little preview in the corner. I think this is the most sophisticated make up I’ve seen so far. For example, the lip section in the photo below. Not only do you have twelve shades but there’s a slider so you can make the colour more or less transparent. It automatically detects where your lips are but if the machine missed then there’s a button you can switch to use the pen function. Pretty nifty!

There’s also cheeks, eye shadow, lashes, colour contacts, hair and one-touch make-up…which is a bit too much if you ask me! If you touch up just one part you can get away with it, but too many and you start to look weird. Less is more!


Eyeshadow options…


Lashes and colour contacts, the contacts with the heart and star are actually quite cute!


This is a cute one-touch faces section, it also gives you a little preview before you decide. This is also under the make up tab.


The cheek section, the most options I’ve seen. I like the barcode though it doesn’t really fit with the sweet frames and items in the rest of the machine.


Of course, as this is the floral machine there are some special floral stamps. The headbands are really cute though you need to tilt them properly. Luckily not only can you tilt them up or down in the usual way but you can tilt them forward and back, like in 3D. So you can get them to fit even if you aren’t facing the front straight on.


There’s a section just for neon stamps which can look cool or sweet depending on the background.


This machine has really good message stamps. “My friend is the prettiest”, “We love each other so that we cannot separate” and my favourite, “We will be friends even when we become grandmothers.”


There is also a section for blog messages. I really like this because usually the blog messages are only in the gif section. It’d probably be good to take this machine alone and get a few.


They also have vertical messages, good for when you have some odd space at the side! Of course these work better in Japanese but the English/ romaji isn’t so weird looking.


This also stood out to me, letters done as if in a craft masking tape, very cute!


And, like so many machines these days, there’s a blog graphics function. Nothing different for other machine, but a function I like! I guess if you aren’t a blogger then these bits aren’t interesting. But they are designed to also be used on mobile phones for incoming calls, or mail.


Now, I just want to talk about the eyes here. I don’t actually remember choosing an eye size, and when we retook the machine I sort of remember thinking “oh yeah, we don't choose eye size on this one”

But even if that’s my memory playing tricks and you do select, my friend and I don’t go for the big eye sizes as we already have big eyes. Still on this machine our eyes were soooo big! I think we look a bit freaky, and I found a couple of Japanese blogs that say the same thing. The eyes are too big. I definitely don’t recommend this for boys!

Here’s a couple of pics we took earlier…

photo (1)

photo (19)

Big eyes! Now, one one of the pictures the machine didn’t stretch my eyes properly. The angle must’ve been weird and the face recognition missed, it stretched out my forehead and squished my eyes! I looked like a Neanderthal!! My friend kinda rescued it with a floral headband, but I missed out on a cute picture there…



Anyway here are the pics from the review day… big eyes ahoy…



I don’t think I’d bother with this again unless the other machines were old.

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