Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thank you, Universal Doll!

My blog was just featured on the wonderful Japan/gyaru related blog, Universal Doll!
A while ago Mitsu wrote a post asking for people to submit their blogs for a spotlight. I wasn’t sure at first but decided to go for it and yay! she agreed to post about my blog and I did an email interview. If you aren’t a follower then hop over here to read it, if you’ve come from over there then welcome!
Welcome Animated
Thought this would be a good chance to write up some things up-coming and maybe in the future on the blog…
  • more reviews, I’m hoping to go take Me Her Jyoshi this week.
  • Purikura book review
  • Purikura challenges, to decorate with a certain item or theme
  • More pose ideas
  • Something about the history of purikura
  • How to get purikura to your phone, I know this has been coming for a while but there are so many ways (and regular phone vs smartphone) that I got overwhelmed!
  • Interviews with people about their purikura experiences
  • Purikura stats and rankings from various places
  • collections of other people/gyaru/models purikura
Anyway if you are new here check out the tags to the right the tabs at the top or my about me page!


  1. I'm seriously thrilled I came to know your blog through Mitsu's post! I can't wait to read about purikura on iPhone devices! I will visit often, keep up the good work! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much, :) I swear I am working on sorting out the various iPhone links!

  3. I follow your blog from universal-doll. Very nice and useful blog!
    You should check iphone app call 楽画cute and DECO PIC :)

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  5. @karisuma gyaru ありがとう~!

    @ みゅみゅ Thank you! I have both those apps, I was thinking of reviewing iPhone apps in the future on the blog :)

  6. I came from universal doll too and I completely love your blog! I never thought I would spend so much time reading a blog about Purikura but I spent so much time reading your back posts the other day :3

  7. Thank you! Honestly, I didn't really think anyone would want to read either :) but I write anyway!


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