Friday, 5 August 2011

Guide to Purikura Poses: 10 Basic Poses

I had a request recently to do some posts on posing so I've been looking at the different poses that are popular with the guide models. I thought I'd start with a few basics and build up from there. I've also added (as per request!) my 'signature pose' at the end!

So, ten basic poses in no particular order!

1. Peace
If you point a camera at a Japanese person, or someone who has spent any length of time in Japan they will probably do the peace/victory sign. According to Wikipedia the sign was most likely popularised by an American figure-skater who fell and yet kept smiling and doing the peace sign. Whatever the origin, it stands to reason that your first basic pose is "peace!"

There are lots of variations on peace, in the UK a backwards peace sign means f*** you, but elsewhere it's just a variation on forward peace, and it gives you a chance to show off your nails!

For other variations, do peace at eye level,

above your head,

anywhere you like!

2. Wink
More of an expression than a pose but it gives you a different look, some people can't close only one eye so I guess this is impossible for them! Although it can look cute if two people are winking almost all the guide poses only have one person winking. This look is more effective with dark eye make up and false lashes.

3. Heart
This is really cute and can be done individually or in pairs...

4. Niconico
I have no idea if this is what other people say for this pose but it's how I think of it. In Japanese "niconico" is the word for a happy smile. I heard somewhere that this pose is cute because you are pointing to your dimples made by smiling so much...

5. Nyan (Cat Pose)
"Nyan" is the sound a cat makes in Japan, this pose is what children do when they are being a cat. Very cute and it also gives you an easy way to decorate, just add cat ears and write ニャン "nyan" underneath!

6. Sleepy
This only works if everyone in the picture is doing it, otherwise the one person sleeping just looks odd! Again this provides you with easy decorating ideas, "ZZzzz" "goodnight/おやすみ" etc You can keep your eyes open or close them, but again I think closed looks better with heavier eye make-up.

7. Chu!
Chu is the Japanese sound word for kiss. Yet again this provides you with decorating ideas aplenty. Write "chu/ちゅ" or add heart and kiss mark stamps. You can either kiss towards the camera or the person you are with. This pose is often combined with a wink for extra-added cuteness!
8. Yay!
This can be hard to pull off because you make the face then you wait for the coutdown and by the time the picture is taken your face has frozen and you look slightly psychotic! My tip is to make the face to 95% then just before the camera goes put your final 5% in and the picture should hopefully look more natural!

9. Shock!
Like yay this can look weird if the camera takes too long to snap the picture but it is slightly easier to pull off than the yay pose. It also has the added bonus of widening your eyes naturally and we all want big doll-like eyes! You can have both people do shock or just one person, it still looks good. The other person doing a kiss pose or whispering is a good combination.

10. Who Me?
I was looking through my most recent purikura and this seems to be my 'signature pose', at least at the moment. I like it because you look cute, sweet and innocent, it gives you something to do with your hands, and it's a mouth closed one.

Well, there we have it- your ten basic purikura poses, hopefully this has given you a little inspiration!

What poses do you like? Do you have a signature pose? I'd love to hear in the comments! <3

When in doubt - peace!


  1. oooh, i really enjoyed this post! i never realized that there were so many ways to flash the peace sign! lol.

  2. this is awesome! i never know what to do with myself in purikura haha. tasukaruuuu! ^^v

  3. I love doing the shock poses too!


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