Sunday, 17 July 2011

LoveDigi's Pri-Seal Stick USB Purikura Program

Ugh. I wrote half of this post yesterday then my internet went off randomly. Let’s try again (on Word!) shall we?
Acouple of weeks ago I was in Toys’R’Us (looking at DS games) and I spotted this USB based purikura program on sale so I thought why not?

It’s from the LoveDigi series from Takara Tomy. There are other cute digital things in the series: a video camera, camera, digital photo frame and a music player. This is Pri-Seal Stick, the purikura-like computer program.
In the kit you get the USB stick and it’s heart-shaped case, a little chain thingy for it, some sticker paper to print on and a photo album for your creations. You need a microSD card to put in the USB stick.

The heart shaped case is cute but awkward with the stick sticking out,  I’d have made it go in further myself.  Just a little design quibble!

Because the program is run from the USB there’s no need to install anything, you just pop it in. Once it’s running you get the cute first screen.

The set-up is designed to look like a purikura machine… kind of. There’s section tabs on the left and tabs along the top.

First you have to load up your photos, although this is a purikura program it doesn’t have any skin smoothing or lightening options (well it does have a lightening but it looks more like a camera effect rather than a proper skin lightening effect) so I used some blank purikura from Essence to try out. You can upload multiple pictures then work on them one by one.

You can crop your picture down with various frames, here you can also resize and rotate if you need to.

There are quite a lot of stamps and they aren’t as lame as I expected!  I like the bling-like ones of course, they range from bling to cute to seasonal.

There’s also name plates which you can either add to your picture or print just as they are. You can use English letters or Japanese hiragana.

There’s also korokoro rolling stamps less option than the regular stamps but still quite cute!

Then comes the part where you have to arrange the pictures for print this was not very clear and I had to use the little user guide it came with. I much prefer programs that you can use easily but perhaps that’s my lack of patience! Anyway after a few mishaps I finally figure it out, I think. Luckily I was just using regular paper to test it out not the sticky paper!

Once you print the picture out on sticky paper you trim them down to make your final stickers.

 Also the pictures you make are stored on the USB as png files so you can drag and drop them onto your computer easily, if you leave them on the USB they will be there when you open the program next time so you can keep editing!

All in all it’s a fun little program but I’m glad I got it on sale as I think the original price was over 4000 yen which is too much for it.

Here’s some of the pictures I’ve made so far…


  1. Haha that's so cute! I kinda wish it was like a real purikura booth though, but I guess we'd have to shell out a couple thousand for a real one ^^; I guess this will do for now,
    Thanks for the review!

  2. Yup, the real machines are well expensive!

    I'm hoping this program will be my substitute when I go back to the UK for a couple of weeks soon!

  3. Ah you're so lucky to have such easy access to purikura though! The closest new machines are a 2 hour drive away ;___;

    Well I hope you have fun back in the UK! ^^

  4. Two hours isn't bad! Better than nothing ;)

  5. Yep, it could be a little more user-friendly though!

  6. I wanna buy it but is very old... do u know where can i buy it on internet now? If you live in Japan... Can you send me and i pay you?

    1. Oh sorry I bought it when it was on sale for clearance, I don't think you can buy it anymore!

    2. Dear but you can upload the sofware? i wanna buy it u.u

    3. Sorry but that's illegal.


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