Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Review: Beauty Plus

This review is for a machine that has a little sparkle to it!

Inside the lights are big circle ones and they have put a little thought into the design of the inside because the lens/monitor is in a cute light up star!

 It also has a cute design around the lens, saying "Look over here" in English? Why English? Probably just an  aesthetic choice.
 First thing you have to choose is the shape options, there is the square course ( ) on the left, and the rectangular ( ) on the right. You can tell from the examples what it's asking if you can't read Japanese. The square course was the recommended so we went for that one!
 Next you have to choose "Sweet girl" which is more pastel colours or "Cool girl" which is more vivid colours. We went for the Cool girl course.

And onto the frames! There are some cute and different frames under the final option, I like the LOVE one in the middle row...
 I like that there are aura backgrounds, I really like auras because the are not boring like a plain background and yet they are still simple. Not all machines have aura backgrounds or options though, shame!

Once you get into the graffiti screen you can see the special stamps. This is one of the few machines that print out actually shiny stickers! There used to be a few but in the newer generation of machines this is the only one that I know of. The sparkly stickers are easy to spot under the top category which says "KIRA KIRA" kirakira is Japanese for "sparkly". They have stickers designed specifically for some of the frames.

Can you see in our purikura there are pink and blue outlines on the frame? Underneath we have pink and blue stickers meant to go into those frames. The love frame I mentioned earlier also has sparkly "L" and "E" for it.

There's lots of other sparkly stickers so don't think you are confined to what they want you to use!

 Of course there is also regular kinds of stamps and things, including make up and messages. But why bother too much when you can make it so shiny?!

There was an option to make a little mobile phone wallpaper but it never got to my phone, perhaps it's not compatible with the iphone??

Choosing the final pictures....
And how did they turn out?

No sparklies here

Sparkly names, hearts & stripes

Sparkly ipod and front stars

Sparkly Rainbo

All over it wasn't a spectacular machine but there were some cute frames and the shininess is worth another go I think!


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog, and I've seen this other booth, it's called Day & Night, where there are one or two big pictures and then there are small ones to fill the space. It also apparently enlarges eyes? If you see it, could you please review it? Here's a example I found: http://i53.tinypic.com/2q3ryhf.jpg
    thankkk you ;)

  2. Ah, I know that machine it's a 2010 update of an earlier one. It was out before I started blogging so I never reviewed it. I think my local game centre still has it so I'll try and get a review done soon. By the way, on almost all of the machines you can get big pictures and smaller ones, you can choose your own layout options at the end. :)

    Thanks for reading <3

  3. I know! But it's sort of rare for me to choose 4 giant pictures out of the whole sheet instead of 20! It is actually $20 here in Australia, so I have to know if it's good!

  4. Ouch, yeah that's expensive! I've checked both the game centres in my city and one in my friends town and they don't have it anymore :(

    From the website and what I remember it has a focus on adding make-up and it was pretty good at that.

    It's an IMS machine and those usually take nice pictures and print out well, you don't tend to get too washed out with them.

    I will keep my eyes open for it if I go to other places.

  5. ~~thank you :) please do keep an eye out :D how much is purikura over in japan?

  6. It's 400yen per play, unless it's some kind of special machine when it can be 500yen.

  7. I love these purikura machines! >o< love the shiny effect <3

  8. Another shiny machine is S.E.L.C though it didn't seem to be able to send to a mobile phone wtf??


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