Monday, 27 June 2011

Lady By Tokyo

The machine hasn't come to my city yet but I was in Tokyo at the weekend and got a chance to try Lady By Tokyo.

The things that stuck in my head about it were:

・It only had options for close up pictures.

・No patterned backgrounds or frames, you take the pictures then choose the colours.

・All black inside the booth.

・Less stamps (maybe?) I think less cutesy ones for sure.

Here are the pictures we took:

And for comparison (and because they were pretty!) the ones from Pinkiss we took at the same time:

Both sets were taken with the skin tone set one lighter than the recommended setting.

Does the Lady By Tokyo purikura look less processed? I think it does, not by loads but enough so that the pictures look a little cooler and more grown-up. I think that's the market niche this machine is going for so it seems to work!

I'll be writing a full review when the machine comes to my city.

Oh, they also had BF Manual 2 there but we didn't have time to take it. :(


  1. 初めまして!twitterでフォローさせてもらっている。@Purikuranonakaです。。

  2. コメントありがとうございました!\(^^)/
    facebook pageをみました!


  3. お返事ありがとうございます。


    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm looking forward to your new article!

    Please enjoy prikura machine:)

  4. ブログのことを頑張ります!:)

  5. Cute pictures!!!

  6. i accidentally didnt get a photo onto my phone.. while we were there my friend was on this site and was able to retrieve some by putting in a ID, do you know what site that was???

    1. For Lady By Tokyo there should be an email address on the printout next to the ID number. If you send a blank mail it should send you a link to the site. However, there is a time limit as to how long you can access your photos, so it depends on when you took the purikura...


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