Sunday, 12 June 2011

Review: Bijin ni Narimasho

Took these pictures a while ago but what with one thing and another the review got delayed! Still here it is, a machine that doesn't have too many outstanding features but still worth a look!

The name of the machine translates into "Let's become beautiful women!" and it's focus is on the lighting set-up as far as I can make out.

The lighting is one big multi-faceted light. It doesn't cover as much of the booth as Lumi3 but all the different angles of the light means you get coverage all over.

It uses double screens, the one under the lens shows you yourselves taking the pictures and all of the options are done on the screen to the right.

Your two course options are 'Sweet' and 'Colorful'. Supposedly the light changes tints according to your course, orange for sweet and blue for colourful but I either didn't notice that or don't remember it. We chose the sweet option. All the frames and colours on the sweet course are more subdued, pastel colours whereas the colourful course has brighter, vivid colours. A few of the frame options overlap with just brighter colours on the colorful course, but most of the frames are different. The sweet frames have gentler themes and cuter graphics, the colorful course has more 'pop' graphics and some real pictures. You also have portrait and landscape options.

Landscape Aura
Portrait Aura


The various frames include calendar versions which some people like but I don't particularly care for!

This machine has a nice flash option that it doesn't really brag about but I think it should. You can make one of your pictures into a flash clock graphic. Select the picture you want, and the clock you want.
Flash graphic

Your picture will print on the sheet as normal but if you get that one sent to your phone it will be a working clock that you can set as the screen saver on your phone. As I have an iPhone it doesn't work, but a regular Japanese phone will.

There are some nice stamps on this machine, it has quite a few real-looking 'deco' style stamps if you want blinged out purikura (I do!) The cream ones on the top left look cute with sweets (candy) stamps.
Pimp my purikura
deco stamps

There's also a location stamp where you can choose stamps based on your prefecture, the stamps have something that that prefecture is famous for. For example, Shizuoka has green tea.

Choose your prefecture...
...and get your stamp!
There's also this kind of thing (not sure what to call it) but you can draw around parts of your picture and it'll fill around it with various patterns. If you build out you can make a cute layer effect. Like this (different machines)

Some of the stamps are arranged by theme, so you have small stamps message stamps and nameplates under one tab, which is nice if time is ticking away!

Another things this machine has, though not unique, is sparkly hair spray. It's really cute and is supposed to only go onto your hair so your hair gets pretty and sparkly. Unfortunately it doesn't detect blonde/light hair very well, brunettes shouldn't have any worries and I guess for redheads it depends on how light your hair is. This also applies to the colour hair spray, it usually only changes the part of my hair in shadow, which is a shame because I'd like to see how I look with pink or blue hair!

There's always the wig stamp option, which does have a pink setting. However getting it to look right on your head would require tweaking with the tilt options and the sizes are set rather than the slider that some other machines have.

And just to wrap up here are some of the message stamps

Neta (misc?)

Date stamps
The date stamps are quite cute and there's a bling one as well!

All in all, it's quite a nice machine but with nothing really outstanding about it. Having said that there's nothing much to complain about either. There's no full length pictures or iPhone support but that's about all.

And how did the pictures come out? Well, only two were cute enough to put up really!


  1. Haha there's a purikura shop in Rowland Heights that has that machine and my cousin and I loved it!
    It had a decent eye enlargement, plus it gave us cutesy red lips and cheeks :3

  2. Cool! Overseas usually only has older machines, go California! :)

  3. Most of the machines do only have super old ones, one even had the clicker thingie where you had to control the shutter by hand xD

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Tiffany I remember those! Really old school! :)

    @SWB Why thank you! :)


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