Thursday, 24 March 2011

Review: Lumi3

Here's a cute machine with some nice designs and unique "double shot" frames.

So the first thing I noticed is that the design of the machine itself is nice! The black and pink dotty design reminds me of the design of Dollywink make up and it stands out a little from the other machines.
The focus of the machine is on fashion so it's designed for full-length shots and there are a lot of fashion specific stamps.

When you first go in, you'll notice the lights. The whole front is lights as well as the ceiling! I couldn't get a picture of the ceiling that wasn't just white but it's like being inside a light box! I can see why it's called "Lumi" I wish I hadn't been wearing a hat that day so I could get all the lights, but oh well, I'll just have to use this machine again! 


For some reason I didn't take pictures of the frame screens, I will try to update this entry with more pics in the future! There were some cute frame including ones with cut-outs like this:

But one of the best points of this machine is it's "double-shot" frames. Basically the frames are designed so that you take the picture twice, once small and once big, then the machine composites the pictures so you have two shots of you in the picture. I've seen older machines attempt this but they were always a bit so-so, the technology has improved so that now they work nicely!

Preparing to take the first shot

The first shot taken

Taking the second shot

We did two of these so that we each had a turn being the big person.

After you take your six pictures you get a bonus shot with a date stamp, you have a few choices but all based on the white frame with the date. Here was ours:

And onto the graffiti screens!

As I said the machine has a lot of focus on fashion so there are fashion-centred stamps galore, and on the fashion section you can even change the colours of the stamps to match your outfits! You have the choice of girly, denim, pop, beige and cool. There's a preview so you can see examples of how they look.

It also has a seasonal section which was labelled "March" but I'm not sure if they update it every month or with the seasons.
March stamps
There's quite a lot of cute stamps on this machine, I liked the ransom-note like alphabet that I used on the magazine purikura earlier. There's cute rolling stamps that somehow snapped into place nicely.

Once you get to the layout screen you have the usual options plus you can choose layout that have a blank white space, if you choose one of these layouts then you get to choose which purikura you want on that section. This is great because before if you wanted one nice big picture it was a random selection by the machine.
Layout options
And here's the other shots we took, as you can see although I still can't quite stand up straight, I could fit into the frame more easily...

Good points: fashion-centric, full-length is easier for taller people, double-shot frames, lots of lights, choose your own layout

Bad points: more for girls than couples or groups, if the lights catch you wrong you can look a bit flat, not iPhone compatible,

All in all I like the frames, stamps and options on this machine, it's really fun! But I like the skin tone on other machines more...

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