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Review: Kaofeti

Apologies that there hasn't been a review for a while, I started a new job last month so I've been pretty busy with that! Anyway, here's Kaofeti: a machine that makes some quite radical changes to the way you use it, but how easy is it to use?

First of all the machine's name. Kao () means 'face'. And feti (pronounced  fechi) is a way of romanising フェチ  which came from the English 'fetish'. So the name basically means "face fetish"... anyway...

The first thing we noticed when we went in was the little voice telling us to go outside and start there. I have seen older machines that have the coin slot outside but not for a while. So you start outside and also outside you choose your course. You have the choice of more natural colours in "Pure" or more vivid colours in "Glamorous".

Outside Screen
Course selections
I assume that the extra outside screen increases turnover time during busy periods, as the next people can get set up while the previous people are still in the booth.

Once you choose your course you are free to enter the booth and carry on.

Inside there are four big round lights, plus an extra one around the camera lens. You can also see the sign in the picture telling you to start outside the machine. As you've already set up you jump straight to choosing frames here.

Unfortunately (and I don't know why!) but I didn't take any pictures of the frames, sorry! If I get a chance I'll update this post in the future.
From what I remember there were quite a few cute frame type ones, with space to write on around the edges.

My friend and I are the kind to copy the guide poses, and this machine had some nice ones. 

Once you get to the graffiti screen you have to choose the layout before you begin decorating, and I chose the layout where I could select one picture for the big section at the bottom. Not sure if I like having to choose before I decorate, sometimes the best ones you only realise after you've decorated!

Now, not only does this machine have a different physical layout but the decorating screen has a different layout too. The decorating items are split into "simple" and "pastel" sections. Within those sections are pens, korokoro/stamps and 'various'. It's very annoying to have to go to two separate sections to check all the pens and everything else. Actually the various tab in itself is not descriptive enough. You are limited for time in decorating and I spent a good part of it looking for things! 

Decorating layout
Another thing that is different is that the items are grouped by style rather than type. It does make it easier to stick to one style when you are decorating, but confusing when you have to go through each style to see all the stamps, rolling stamps, and messages. Messages are filed under stamps/korokoro though on most other machines they are considered separate.

Neon style stamps
This machine has the name stamps section though it isn't as extensive as some. Again foreign names might not work so have a nickname ready!

Name set-up screen
Names entered
As this is the face fetish machine there is quite an emphasis on the make up section. This is the only machine I've seen with such a detailed make-up section. For example you have eight colours, ten sizes, nine shapes and rotating options...just for cheeks! You might notice the cosmetic brand Kate in the left corner. This machine has a collaboration with Kate cosmetics and the make up section is based on their products. They are also running a competition where if you upload your purikura you could win some make up products. It's only available in Japan but if anyone is interested I can email a link.
Cheek make up
 There are the same false lashes, contact lenses and hair colours as other FuRyu machines, but with more size options. I expected a little more to the lashes as it's a face machine but perhaps they aren't so popular.
More make up and hair
There's also a section for making a gif image for your blog or web profile. You can change the eye size and add a frame, or a message stamp. You also have to crop the image from your purikura, so the size is smaller.

Blog frames
Blog specific stamps

I said earlier that the guide poses were cute, this machine also has one touch graffiti that is related to the poses to make things easier (too easy, perhaps...). For example, the 'nyan' cat pose has an appropriate 'nyan nyan' stamp. 

 However, some are a little off, this pose was a going to sleep pose (we actually closed our eyes for it) but the stamp says "Happy!!" with a smiley face...

 At the mobile phone screen you can also choose one of the blog gifs instead but I decided they weren't cute enough and went with the regular ones instead.
Mobile phone selection

Good points: cute frames and poses, easy to decorated with one touch and same style items, prints nicely, name labels, blog options

Bad points: hard to use if you are used to other machines, lots of make up stamps means fewer good stamps of other kinds, have to choose layout before decorating

And our pictures:

If you want to see a good solo version of the last picture take a look at this post from Yes! Purikura Oji.


  1. You guys are so photogenic it's crazy! But I guess that comes from taking purikuras all the time? :B

  2. My friend kind of looks the same in real-life but the machines help my looks a LOT! As for poses, practice makes perfect! :)

  3. Do you read Kanji or have someone there to translate? Mine came out Fabulous but I could have had even more fun if I knew what I was reading...I only used Puri 3 or for times in Japan and the first time they came out just this good. You just have to be willing to let go,have fun and be FABULOUS because the machine will make you look like a rockstar.

  4. Hi, do you mean the kanji in the instructions? or the stamps? my friend had an idea that I should make a printable cheat-sheet for taking purikura, which I just remembered reading your comment!

    Maybe I can add translations of common stamps to it too...

    You do have to let go with them, if you just stand there your puri doesnt't look half as good! :)

  5. I meant in understanding the instructions.
    It was hard to even know where the pictures would come out at first. Then you don't realize you can choose the format of your prints at first. I spent a lot of money on trail and error. I had to ask some school girls how to "Finish" I was just sitting there for a long while listening to music until the machine just stopped. I see in your pictures some of the same stamp choices but Some of the formats I dont recognize. I would have chosen them if I had known.
    This was my favorite machine out of them all. They have a lot but the quality was just superior. Everyone thought I went on a professional photo shoot when I bought them back home.

  6. If Kaofeti is the machine you used then I'm not surprised you had problems, even my Japanese purikura-savvy students say it's hard to use.

    I took purikura with people who knew what they were doing at first but yeah, there is some trial and error!

  7. Hi! You have very nice pictures!!! Thank you for this post! I was wondering how can you get the soft copies of the pictures you took? When I tried this, I didn't get the chance to download my pictures. I can't read nihonggo waaa. Can you help me? Thank you very much!

    1. You probably didn't see the option if you can't read Japanese, but unless you have a Japanese phone it won't work unfortunately.


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