Thursday, 12 May 2011

Purikura on the bus

Just a little update, I'm working on a post from Golden Week which will be up soon, hopefully tomorrow!

Anyway I was on the bus on the way to work this morning and I noticed that someone had stuck a purikura sticker above the ticket-getting machine! Graffiti and random stickers are quite rare in Japan so I was surprised to see it but it made me smile.

It was four high school girls in the picture, I wanted to take a snap of it but I only noticed it as I was getting off the bus and it was so crowded because of the rain we've been having.

Maybe it'll start a trend of putting your purikura up in random places, there's already a bar in my town that has purikura of customers outside it. Having said that, I'm sure stickers count as some form of vandalism...and are hardly anonymous.

So, kids, don't try this at home! But tell me if you see any purikura in random places. :)

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