Monday, 25 April 2011

News! New Machine Announcement-I Con

In the new Popsister there's a two-page advert for the newest machine from IMS (They did the Kiss Kiss machine used in my tutorials). Kiss Kiss prints really nicely so I'm looking forward to trying the new machine!


The machine is called "I♥Con". It's written with a heart but pronouced like "icon". It's endorsed by Popsister models Mari Murata and Nana Suzuki.


You can take a style (almost full length) shot and use both the full shot and a close up version

You get your standard six shots, plus two cropped style shots PLUS a bonus shot so you really get nine pictures to choose from. I assume you only get to decorate the final six as usual.

It has the longest decorating time of any other purikura machine

The two courses are orange- girlie and cute, and pink- feminine and 'kawaii' (not sure what the difference between cute and kawaii is!)

It has polaroid style pictures (I think you add a polaroid frame in the decorating section) that are "popular with adults"

Mari's comment "I like how you can choose the size of your eyes freely on this machine!"

Nana's comment "I'd  use the polaroid style on a date or a special day"

My thoughts
The lots of pictures seems nice though the cropped versions may be less of a feature than they seem. The polaroid looks cute, and the longer decorating time is a massive plus! Looking forward to trying it out!

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