Sunday, 22 May 2011

Eggnam Purikura Centre

During Golden Week I had three days off so I went to Tokyo! While I was there there was an event at Eggnam but I was meeting a couple of friends that days and friends are more important. I still want to go to an event one day but I managed to go to Eggnam for the first time anyway.

What is Eggnam?

Well, most places that have purikura machines are regular game centres, with a purikura corner. As far as I know this is the only place that is only a purikura centre with no other kind of games. It's produced by the amusement company Namco in association with the "gyaru" magazine Egg and the models from both Egg and Men's Egg come to VIP events at Eggnam. It's located near the 109 in Shibuya down a small side street, it's pretty easy to find once you're on the right street and there's a map on the website. I've also added a Google Map to the bottom of this post.

At the entrance is a Tapiking tapioca drinks place, occasionally you'll see models taking purikura with tapioca drinks, they were probably taken here.

Inside the whole place is designed for gals, pink animal print is everywhere!
It still says that only girls and couples can enter, which I though was a bit weird as gyaru-o guys are one of the few groups of guys that will take purikura with each other. As you can see from the picture, pink is the basic colour choice, I think if you brought a regular bloke here he might be a bit put off. Having said that there was an older couple taking purikura and the guy was in a regular suit. :)

As you go in there are signboards with Egg models autographs and purikura on display.

Next to that there's a little place where you can write messages on special Eggnam heart shaped notepaper and tie it up for everyone to read. It's like the messages you see at temples for new year. We wrote a couple of messages and tied them up and I took a sheet of notepaper as a souvenir...

 Once we wrote our messages we had a look around, it's actually smaller than I thought it would be. And animal print really is everywhere!
Animal Print Money Changer

Animal Print Litter Bin
There is also a rest area for "girl's talk" and a mirror/make up section for doing your hair and make up before you take your purikura. Of course they have back issues of Egg magazine for you to read. They have free cosplay outfits and silly hats too.

There's also a little shop area where you can buy cheap accessories, nothing special really. They do have Eggnam stickers and badges for 100yen each. The badges are also available in the gachagacha machines. There's an Eggnam mirror but you only get it with points and I think the points work by keitai so I don't think I can get one using my iPhone. :( One day I'll figure out a way!!

If you go and you get a gachagacha ball, be careful! When I opened one of mine, it shattered and ripped off part of my thumbnail on one hand and gashed the other thumb - I still have a scar there!!

In terms of purikura machines there are about ten machines there, they have the latest machines and some that I hadn't seen on general release yet. A place that is targeted to purikura-loving Shibuya gals would have to keep up with the latest machines or they'd lose face for sure! There's nothing fast-paced fashion-concious Japan loves more than 新発売! (new release)

One thing that was disappointing was that when I checked the website they said that there was a special Egg machine but it was gone when we got there and is no longer mentioned on the website. I was looking forward to taking purikura that looked like the cover of Egg!

Hopefully they will create a new version of the Egg machine!

While we were there we took two sets of purikura, I would've taken more but time was against us.

We used Pride2:

And Otona Mode:

i'm going to figure out how to send them in to the magazine and see if we get printed!

And lastly, before we left we used the facilities...even the toilet is pink animal print!

Eggnam feature in Egg magazine:

Eggnam website and google map.


  1. Super cute event! I'd love to go to one of these, I'd never heard of them before. But I'm not surprised :B Your purikuras look great! I especially like the look of the ones from Pride2!

  2. It wasn't actually an event, that's just everyday there! I *will* get to an event there some day though!

    Pride2 takes nice pictures! I've got a backlog of reviews to get to, stupid job getting in my way! ;)


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