Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to Take Purikura Part 6: Final Options and Getting Your Purikura!

Well, we are almost there! Just a few more options and you'll get your pictures!

Ok, the last few options are usually as follows.

You’ll need to choose a print layout. This really depends on how old your machine is, the older machines simply give you a few options, the newer ones often have layouts divided by the number of people. Look for the kanji this is the counter for people. 二人/2人、三人/3人、 四人/4人etc. The newest machines allow the two people to choose separate layout options which is great but these newest machine are not usually designed for bigger groups of people so bear that in mind! Most machine have a recomended (おすすめ) option if you're not sure.

Layout options

If you have a Japanese mobile phone you can have one (or sometimes more) of the pictures sent to your phone. You’ll need to select which one you want. Then you’ll have to enter your email address, enter the part before the @ using the alphabet buttons then just touch your network to complete the address.
Choose one picture each.
Mobile phone address screen

POINT! Only the newest machines will send pictures to an iPhone, and as android and other smartphones are very new I’m not sure if they work at all.

TIP! Choose different pictures from your friend and then send them to each other so you get two!

Once you have finished your options you'll be directed to go to the print corner (Corner in Japanese just means area)
"The Print Corner is preparing, please wait a little!"
You'll have to wait about 30 secs to a minute for the pictures to come, some machines have a timer.
Print out section

Purikura - yay!
TIP! I've had pictures not print before, it usuallu just means they got stuck inside. Just ask an attendant and they can unlock the machine and get your pictures.

Unless you are on the newest machine, your pictures will print as one sheet. But never fear! Most game centres have scissors attached to a little table for this very purpose. If there isn't one, you can be like me and carry a little pair with you, or just ask at the information counter. Just gesture if you don't know Japanese!

sumimasen, hasami asimasu ka?
Excuse me, do you have scissors?

Newly printed purikura!

Cutting up our purikura!

And that's it! You are done! Congratulations!

And how did our pictures turn out?

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  1. They look great! You guys look fantastic :D Maaannn how I miss taking purikuras T____T''

  2. Thanks! :) Awww I'm sure you'll get back here for some purikura takage!

  3. this is the first time i encountered the part where u enter your email add < are these the LATEST??? >
    but i liked the ones where i can send with infrared :(
    now i cant transfer my pictures
    i tried to follow the links that were sent to me by these machines but yeah, i cant get through huhuhu
    how can i get my pictures?

  4. Can you tell me what machine you used? Or the email address they sent from? then I can see if I can help!

  5. how do you you send photo's to an iPhone? its not easy to understand if you dont know how to read.

  6. It depends on the machine you used, not all of them are compatible with the iPhone. When you put in your email address, if it specifically has an iPhone button then it should send you an email with links. If not you can try your regular softbank address but that depends on the machine. I am working on getting tutorials up for the phones but with so many different ways it's taking a while! *bowbowbow*

  7. great post! i LOVE purikura machines (even though i'm 29!) and I always have a really hard time figuring them out because I don't know the language!! This has helped a lot!

  8. I won't say how old I am but it's higher than the target demographic for sure!

    Glad I could be of help! :)

  9. Great tutorial, this looks very interesting. I am visiting Japan soon and really look forward to trying this out. However I will not have a cell phone with me, just wondering if it is possible for the machine to send images to me with just an email address?

  10. Unfortunately right now no. There was one that had a gmail link (I can't quite remember which machine just now) but when I tried it it didn't work so I lost that picture.

    They've only recently adapted to the iPhone so I guess regular emails have to wait.

  11. my brother and I were playing around with the purikura in a room of them in Harajuku, but while we figured out how to retrieve pictures from the 'Bambina' machine, the other one we tried (I can't remember the name at all. It had some sort of fairytale type theme, about dreams or wishes or something, and the first thing it asked was if you wanted a pinkish thing or a peach-y type thing. Or something. I forget) which asked for email, sent us a link that basically goes to this page: http://machideco.jp/e/common/close.php

    I used a QR decoder for the QR image on the bottom of the page, but the URL seems to go... pretty much to the site, in a kind of loop. Did I need to get it sent to my brothers' softbank phone? (That is my best guess, if only from the image of the phone on the page. However, why allow me to enter my gmail at all, if that were the case? I am confused...)

  12. Yep, it's a mobile only site, or smartphone so that may work if you have one.

    I'm not so much of a computer person but it's something to do with the Japanese website system being inaccessible from computers. Like I said I found one that allowed a gmail but I had the same problem so it's still not a workable system.

    You can forward to email to your brothers phone and from that you should see a workable website. If the picture doesn't pop up straight away try clicking around. It'll probably say "ダウンロード or "1枚ゲット"

  13. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It's really helpful, and I'm planning on bookmarking it ;)! And, I'm not a speedy person, but hopefully, I won't have too many things with me at the photobooths, lol! Again, thank you so much for this tutorial! ありがとう!Ok, so, I have 2 questions. Ok, so I have an LG touch-screen smartphone (that's all my phone says: LG). Will I be able to receive the photos on my phone (the kind of phone that I have might change in a future upgrade or something, but, yeah)? Ok, also, I have a Gmail account. If the phone doesn't work, will I be able to receive the photos in an email? I'm super, super new at this (I've never, ever been able to try Purikura but trying it is one of my dreams), and I've never been to Japan before. I plan on trying to visit there sometime in the near future, though. I'm just trying to prepare myself so that I won't get totally confused when I try these kawaii photobooths, so that's why I'm asking, lol! Thanks for the help! :)

    1. Ok, the kind of phone doesn't matter but if it's not a Japanese network (it has .jp) then it's unlikely to work, even the one machine I found that said gmail would work- didn't!


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