Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to Take Purikura Part 4: The Graffiti Screen and Set-Up Options

So by now you have all your beautiful pictures taken and chosen, and you are ready to decorate, but wait! There’s a few more things you need to decide first.

The Graffiti Screen

Unless you are on a very old machine, once you leave the photobooth you’ll need to go to the outside screen. The machines have two decorating sections so that they can have a higher turnover in busy times. You may find yourself with a very old machine that only has one screen at the back but most game centres have the newer versions. Be sure to listen out and check which side you need to go to. Sometimes they just tell you left ( hidari) or right (migi) but often the machines have special names like “The Sweet corner” or “The Cute corner” It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which way you need to go, and I have seen Japanese girls just stick their heads into the decorating screen to check. The first screen often just says “Start” but this can be timed so don’t take too long gathering your things!

Anatomy of a purikura machine: (forgive my paint skillz!)

I’ve seen machines with a third outside screen (where you choose your layout print options) especially recently and there are some with an optional third screen outside that you can use to get extra pictures sent to your phone through infrared. You should be able to figure out what that third screen is for once you’re in the process.

Usually at this point you can choose to send one of your completed pictures to your mobile phone. Before you get started you probably will only have to choose the option and you will select the photo and put your address in later, but again some machines are different and want your address at this point. You’ll need to choose the button that says “携帯” (keitai) sometimes it’ll have a picture to help you but not necessarily.

As some machines are different you may be asked for things I cover in Part 6 here, so long as you have an idea what’s going on it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to the decorating screen! If all else fails just wait and the screens will time out until you can get to the decorating section!

OK, now for the fun part!

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