Saturday, 12 February 2011

How to Take Purikura Part 2: Going In and Set Up Options

So, you’ve found a purikura place and chosen your machine. What next?

Well, you need to go in through the plastic curtain. A few of the newer machines have automatic curtains that close when you put your money in so watch out for that.

Inside a purikura booth

TIP! Just in case someone else is in take a peek and see if you can see legs! I have a purikura where my friend and I are turning to look at the girl who opened our curtain by mistake and one of my guy friends told me he once accidently (he says) walked through a purikura machine as people were taking pictures!

First you need to put your money in, almost all of the machines have the money slot inside but I have seen one or two with the money slot outside, if you get confused!

Baggage Storage

TIP! Get your coats and bags off and out of the way BEFORE you put your money in! You won’t get much time once you do so get your hair ready too. Usually you can see yourself in the monitor as you enter and some kind game centres have full length mirrors in the purikura area for you!

Monitor and lights in a purikura booth

Once you put your money in the process will start.

Machines are usually 400yen, but sometimes the older ones are cheaper. Also occasionally a game centre will have a special offer on a certain machine for 300yen.

At this point it may tell you which side to go out when you’re finished so pay attention! When the process starts you’ll have a few options to choose from before you begin taking your purikura.

Many machines have multiple “courses” that you can choose from, sometimes this means choosing between pastel or vivid options (backgrounds and stamps), one machine has “Day” and “Night” with appropriate stamps and Tsubasa’s latest (at the time of writing) machine offers a “Friend” course and a “Couple” course. Usually you can guess from the pictures which course suits you. This particular machine had a “Natural” or a “Make Up” option so we chose make up.

POINT! This screen is time-controlled so there will be a little count-down timer in the corner. If the time runs out the machine will randomly select something for you.

You will also have to select how light you want your skin tone to be, the おすすめ (recommended) setting is in the middle, but you can go to either end. As I have pretty bad skin I usually lighten the skin tone by one unless I’m having a particularly good day! I’ve never darkened my skin tone but I intend to try that as a comparison for a future post. Once my Japanese friend put it on the lightest setting which gave the pictures a sort of cool bleached-out look.

There may be other options here depending on the machine, I’ve seen a setting for how many people at the this point and Tsubasa’s BF machine has the choice of different eye sizes here too. Generally there’s a picture to go with the options, and again these screens are timed.

With all your options sorted and yourself pretty you are ready to take some purikura!

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