Saturday, 19 February 2011

Purikura Page from Egg Magazine

Egg Magazine is aimed at teen to early twenties "gyaru". It has a collaboration with Namco (arcade company) and they have a purikura centre called Eggnam in Shibuya which I am so going to on my next Tokyo trip!

Anyway, as purikura is popular with Egg's target readership and to promote this centre they often (always?) have purikura pages with comments from the Egg models.

Here's the page from the March issue of Egg

I do find it a little disturbing that the girls in the "Sex love" purikura are so young, and that the comment is kind of positive. Kids today eh?

If you want to get Egg for yourself it's on sale in bookshops and convvience stores in Japan or you can try and order it on-line if you live abroad, unfortunately it seems to be unavailable on Amazon :(

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