Sunday, 13 July 2014

Purikura Deco Card Event

Recently in Nagoya there was a purikura mini event where you could make a free deco-card.


The event took place at Girls Mignon, a special purikura shop (kinda like Eggnam used to be) that is sponsored by the FuRyu company. There are currently 11 locations and two are in Nagoya.

I was visiting a good friend and it was she who suggested that we visit the one in Sakae’s Marue building. I thought it was just going to be a regular purikura corner but it was much better!

Photos in this post marked with a * are from her blog Obsessive Stationery Order

Once you are on the 2nd floor there is tape on the floor that leads you to the shop.


The Sakae one is the newer of the two so it still had that brand new feel to it. I liked the decor a lot, it was black and pink and glam, I want to live there!




*Photo 2014-06-21 15 52 36

It has some mirrors and seats for you to do your make up and it has hair straighters as well.

And this cool text wall that I thought would make a good iPhone wallpaper.


It happened that for the weekend we visited they were having a deco card event.


If you took purikura and agreed to complete a survey you could get a decoration pack for free, and they had a bunch of extra bits and pieces on the table for you to use too.

First we borrowed some of their photo booth props for the purikura and we decided to use I<3P.


We both chose the same pack because the colours matched the purikura. You get a card and a bunch of stickers. There were three sets to choose from. The cards were supposed to be sent out to people so one was a birthday card, one was a thank you and the one we chose literally had the theme “You’re so fxxking special!”


We decided to keep them for ourselves to remind ourselves when we have bad days!

The packs:





*Photo 2014-06-21 14 44 51

My finished design:


And both of them:

*Photo 2014-06-21 15 35 55

And a mirror shot after we finished!

*Photo 2014-06-21 14 53 29

Afterwards we filled out the survey, it seems like they are thinking of making and selling these sets so they were asking questions like price, what we thought of the designs etc. I think if there were good designs that matched the machines and if it weren’t too expensive I would buy the sets every now and again. Probably more so if they were general designs you can keep for yourself rather than cards but then I’m selfish like that!

Anyway, here’s the purikura that we used on the cards:








What do you guys think? Would you buy a deco card set if you had the chance?


  1. That's so awesome!
    I would love cards like that, and I really want to go to Mignon>3<
    Missing purikura so bad right now...><

    1. Hope you get to do it again soon!

      I'll be adding Mignon to the map sometime :)

  2. Oh nice! I would love to go there! You know if they have some in Tokyo?

    1. Sometimes they do, it's a random event though so I don't know when!


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