Saturday, 23 November 2013

Purikura How To Videos Part 1

I made some videos about taking purikura for those who like video more than photos. I’m hoping to make a series of how to and tips videos.

Snapshot 1 (23-11-2013 13-25)

The videos are all only about a minute long, I’ll post them all here but you can subscribe to the YouTube channel too if you like.

Taking Purikura: Inside the Booth

This video shows inside the booth, choosing your course and taking close up and full-length shots. I used Girls’ Photographer. Random aside, but the Willy Moon song they use we did in dance class so it makes me happy that it’s used in purikura too!

Taking Purikura: Eye Size and Skin Tone

This one shows you how to choose the eye sizes and skin tones, I used two different machines. Girls’ Photographer has the options on the decoration screen and Oh My Girl has it inside the booth right after you finish taking your pictures.

Taking Purikura: Names

This shows you how to input your name and how to change it to the correct English spelling. Again I used the two machines, Girls’ Photographer has it in the decoration booth with the pens, and Oh My Girl has it outside the booth at the very beginning. TIP! If you have no idea what your name is in Japanese just tap a random character then you can type your name in English from the beginning.

Hope you like the videos!

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