Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Purikura appears in a Webcomic!

I found a blog by a Japanese woman who writes a comic of her life with her family and she has two entries where she visits purikura booths.

In the first one she writes about trying to take purikura with her baby but the baby won't look at the camera and is looking at the screen in all the photos.

And in the second one, she writes about how the new machines were very confusing so she chose the recommended settings but ended up looking too processed and her husband thought it was weird.

They are very cute and worth a look even if you don't read Japanese!


  1. Haha cute comics. :D

    Btw at the anime WataMote there was a episode where the main character went to purikura (if I remember correctly it was the 5th episode). xD It was really funny. I recommend it, if you haven't seen it yet! ^^

    1. I don't watch anime but I'll try to catch that just for the purikura - thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh cool! I can totally relate to choosing the recommended setting and then looking weird... LOL

  3. How cute... I never knew about this comic blog before, but too bad I don't understand Japanese. thanks for sharing it.
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