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How to Get Purikura to an iPhone: Tatsumi

So Tatsumi recently changed from an app to just a website and you have to sign up to get even the free purikura. Here’s how to get a free account and your free purikura!



Just a little note to apologise for the sporadic posting, work takes more time and energy each year but I swear I’m still here and I’m going to try and make more time for friends, purikura and this blog!)

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Once you enter your iPhone address at the machine it will send you an email with a link…


You will be taken to the log in page, if you want to set up a new account click the pink box.


It wants you to send an email to it so click the pink box again and it will automatically create an email.


Make sure that the email is coming from your iPhone email address, and send it just as it is.


In a few seconds you will recieve your registration email. Click the link.


Now you have to register. Your email address is already there, but you need to fill in:

  • a password (8-32 characters)
  • your gender
  • date of birth
  • which prefecture you live in

Then click the button at the bottom.



This screen confirms that your account was created. Click where it says ‘top’ to go to the main page.


This is the main page, click the yellow button that says ‘ プリ画像GETはこちら!’


You’ll be taken to a page with some PR blurb, scroll down…


…to the pink button.


This will show you the pictures you can download. Click on one.


Tap and hold to save the image. A nice touch is that if you tap the tab on the right under the picture you can also get the picture without any decoration. Use the back button to get the other picture.


And you are done! I haven’t got a paid account with this company but if I do I will let you know how to do that too!

Oh, one last point, if you are logged in then your pictures should be there when you click the link in any new emails, but if you are going to the site without using the email link then when you tap the get purikura link you’ll have to enter the code from your purikura on a page like this…


Hope this helps!

NB I assume that as usual this only works on Japanese addresses, web based email and foreign iPhone email address as yet don't work.

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  1. I am going to be in Tokyo in July so this is really helpful!! thank you! ^^

    I just have one question, what would my iphone e-mail address be?!

    I have had an i-phone for a while now and I didn't know it had an e-mail address of it's own >_< and im not sure where to find it x_x

    1. Mine is accessed from the email section but I had to set it up when I got it. I'm not even sure if a foreign iPhone address would work though...

  2. はじめまして!

    1. ブログを見てくれてありがとう!
      バンビーナ以外のコラージュができるプリ機は:Mero-mero, Me Her Jyoshi, Essence, How to 45, でコラージュができるけど新しいのを撮らないのは:Viva Jyoshi, Akogare BabyとKao Feti

  3. >< I have been reading your blog since a long time and realise there's no post about the songs in purikura machine! Such a pity because I always hear those super gyaru-ish songs sang by cute voices but I can't find where to download!! I want to find the songs especially in Bambi-Na3, Otome3, Vinas (kiss kiss), Cosme3, Akogare baby 3 & CUBE because the songs are so lovely! I would appreciate if you can manage to find the song list at least/where to download!
    Also, do you know where to find this machine called JEWELLA? Thanks love!

    1. I actually don't know anything about the songs but I think they are cutesy cover versions, the songs I know that I hear in machines are covers not the originals. I may try to do some research some day!

      Jewella seems to be a 2008 machine from Bandai, in which case it may be hard to find as the turnover is pretty fast these days. Older machines can be found at independent game centres, malls or karaoke places. All I can suggest is to keep your eyes open!


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