Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taking Themed Purikura

This is a post for anyone whose thought about taking a set of themed purikura, like for an event  or for a TV show or movie. My friends and I do this sometimes, especially after going to see a movie together! This theme was one we’d been thinking about for a while- How I Met Your Mother purikura. (Or more accurately, Barney Stinson purikura!)


First, obviously you have to choose your theme. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

  • TV shows
  • Films
  • Memes
  • Events
  • Holidays
  • In-jokes
  • Bands/songs
  • Places
  • Random things people have said that day

Next, you need to plan it out. This seems kinda lame I know, but you are on limited time in the purikura booth and if you haven’t planned then you’ll be wasting your money.


Do you need certain clothes? Obviously for ours we went with suits. If you’re doing a Christmas theme maybe you need scarves and hats. If it’s about a concert maybe you need to wear the tour shirts or bring goods. Maybe you don’t need anything at all!

Next, decide what you are going to write. Choosing pens and/or font stamps can take up valuable seconds so decide exactly what you are going to write.

Then you need to think about poses. If you have a big quote remember that you’ll need space to write. Some things have an obvious pose, some you might have to think about- but it’s worth it to make your purikura look top notch!


Also think about if you need to split a quote across two pictures. It depends on the length and how many ideas you have but it can work. We had an obvious one for our set…















Heh heh.

Another big tip is that it really helps if you write everything down. My friend always has a notebook on her so we wrote down the order we would take them, the quote and the pose.


Lastly, and this depends on dedication, time and money, but you may have to retake if you’re not happy with the pictures. We actually did this set twice. The pictures above are a mix of the first and second sets. Here’s a couple of not-so-good versions:



Purikura taken with Girls’ Photographer

Other themes I’ve taken in the past include:




How about it? Are you inspired or does it all seem like too much work?


  1. i really loled when i saw the legen...dary one on fb... good one! but that takes dedication! lol.

    1. I am nothing if not dedicated to purikura :D/

  2. Haha great suggestion! I like the part about planning in advance

  3. This is fun! I think the most difficult part in my case would be getting someone to plan for a theme with me since a lot of my purikura tends to be after drinking ^^;;

  4. Awesome ideas :D By the way, I have my own blog which focuses on Asian culture and entertainment and I wonder if it is possible for you to view it and tell me what you think about my blog:

    1. Your blog looks good, you have a very wide variety of topics- the opposite of my very specific blog! lol


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