Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Collection: Summer Purikura

Well, summer is well and truly here. Although I think it's less humid than last year it's still way beyond pleasant and I'm grateful for air-conditioning (though I'm trying to use it as little as possible!) Anyway summer in Japan means beaches, BBQs and firework festivals. At firework festivals girls often wear yukata and of course purikura is a must!

The above purikura is from shopstaff/model Arishan's blog. Here's another yukata one:

And a general summer one with her boyfriend:

I love the black and white yukata here. From reader-model Mimore Fukuoka's  blog.

Here's one using Rumor's new angle. Model Minami's blog here.

Cute one from a Vivi model, 'Liz'.

Girls wear yukata much more often than guys do but there's still quite a lot who get into it, like Men's Egg model Takazumi Hikichi...

Here's Nemoyayo from last year with the Bambi-Na summer frame:

and a general "summe" one with Manya.

Some girls are brave and wear their bikini's for purikura! Like this Jelly model, Nonpocha:

Or the Egg girls, Yumachi, Aina, Anna, and others:

And guys too, like Men's Egg model Yuki Miyamoto:

A lot of the bikini purikura I saw seemed to be taken at Summerland, a pool resort/theme park. It specifically says on their blog that you can wear swimwear to take purikura. I guess in a regular game centre you'd just have to whip off your top layer once you are inside the booth!

And finally a few of my own (not bikini ones you'll be relieved to hear!)


And one I took yesterday, blue and white stripes feel summery to me...deckchairs maybe??


  1. Goodness, I miss Japan. I took so much purikura right before I left in July. I love the purikura in your yukata, I wish I had done that!

    1. Oh, you've gone now? Well, you'll just have to come back and take some more! :)


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