Sunday, 27 May 2012

Unique Purikura Machines 2

This weekend I managed to find two unique purikura machines! You can see the two previous ones I blogged here.
First machine you can see above is from Meiji Mura. Meiji Mura is a open air museum in Aichi Prefecture, it has a whole lot of buildings from the Meiji period. I wondered before we left if there would be a purikura machine and there was! It was the same machine as the one in Little World.
You can choose two backgrounds, the back grounds were pictures of some of the buildings from the village, and the train. You take two pictures with each background then select two overall. And choose your layout. That’s it! There’s a little matching game while you wait then the pictures come out directly under the screen.
I showed my friend these pictures and she said because I posed and because I’m blonde I don’t look like a teacher at all “Teacher, teacher, teacher, gyaru.” emoji arrow up 01
The day after this, I went to the above mentioned friend’s new home city. Turns out that’s where Chibi Mariko-chan is set, so in the mall there they have Chibi Mariko-chan Land. It’s basically just a store with a few kiddie games…and a purikura machine! Of course we had to try it, even though we had just taken two lots of purikura in the game centre there!
photo (1)
This one was a little more sophisticated as you could add decoration to your pictures. There were no pens, just a few stamps, messages and dates. You just used your fingers to place them.
photo (2)
photo (3)
Both the machines cost 500yen each.
I’m so lucky that I have friends and co-workers who will indulge my purikura obsession and allow me to blog it!
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