Sunday, 13 February 2011

NEWS〜New Machine〜Essence

I'm in Tokyo at the moment and spotted that a new machine was on a location test in the game centre we went to in Shinjuku. This means that it's not available all over the country yet so I'll do a proper review when it is.

Location Test

It's from the same company as the Bambi-na machine and it mostly has the same functions.

This machine has name stamp options like the BF machine, but many more stamps. They come under the tab "My Essence" on your decorating screen. They are really cute and by far my favourite recent development in purikura!

There's also the option to make your own stamps with screenshots of your purikura, customisable date/birthday/anniversary stamps etc and like the Bambina, a collage at the end.

On this machine you can choose which shots and in which order you want on the collage with a real-time preview which better than the Bambina which chose randomly.

You also have separate print layout options for each person and they come-up with real time previews.

The printed pictures have a nice looking slightly pearlescent sheen to them. They are also perforated so you don't need to cut.

In terms of negative points for now, I'm too damn tall for these machines (even if you discount my big hair from yesterday) so I'm leaning or bending in the pictures. It also made my hair a weird shade of orange which I can only assume is meant to give a richer colour to black hair.

Still if you're not a slightly tall blonde person it would be fine! And I still liked it, and I probably will try it again despite the hair thing.

Orange hair! The name stamp at the bottom can be reversed if you are standing the other way around, nice touch! (We had been talking about going to a host club but had to get the last train so hence the host club reference!)

Cute frame, funky name stamps plus personalised stamps taken from a different shot.

Look out for a full review when the machine hits my city!

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