Sunday, 23 February 2014

No Print Purikura and Winner!

I found out some interesting news in purikura recently, and it’s time to announce the winner of the giveaway!


Last year I did an interview with Yuka Kubo who is a beauty technology researcher in Tokyo.

Recently on her Twitter feed she talked about going to the Japan Amusement Expo 2014. I didn’t know this but as well as games they debut purikura machines there as well.

This machine caught my eye. She says that it’s Platinum Balance from Bandai Namco and it’s an all-digital machine! She says that since recently people want the digital data more than the actual stickers, do we really need the stickers? This machine will cost 400yen if you choose to print and just 200 yen if you only get the digital data!



I think this is an interesting development. One of the biggest changes to purikura was when data was available to be sent to your phone. And with our increasingly digital world it makes sense that the stickers are an extra bonus rather than the main product.

I am a member of two of the companies online sites and I am reluctant to use the other companies because I only get one or two of the pictures sent to my phone. And I recently wrote about how much I like the idea of the SNS features on Fotoroom.

However it is really nice to have the stickers. I add them to an album, and I use the extras in my schedule book, or I make magnets for my kitchen. It’s also nice to have the sheets in my wallet for a while too.

It might be nice to have the cheaper option for just digital, but I think I would be sad if that became standard. I’d also like to have an option to change your mind. Some of the machines have had an extra coin slot in the decoration section for double prints. It would be nice if you put 200 yen in to start but then you had the option to print out by adding another 200 yen.

What do you guys think? I’m curious to get people’s opinions!

banner comment please 02


It’s time to announce the winner of the giveaway!


Thank you for entering and for your nice comments, I will try to take into account what people would like to see but I will say that I won’t be doing beauty reviews. I stick to a few products and I don’t know enough to do reviews justice. I will also try to update my personal blog more and to put more life stuff on Twitter. I have a dance performance in March and I’m taking the beginner’s manicurist test (in Japanese!) in April so we will see how we go!

Right, on to the announcement!

As the giveaway responses came up on my Google Drive, I simply added an extra line for any bonus entries and used a random number generator from

It starts at three because of the title line and a test entry I did.


And the winner is…



Congratulations! I will email after publishing this post please reply within a week or I’ll have to draw another winner!

illust omedetou

Sorry to everyone who didn’t win.

illust gomenne


  1. i think it's a great idea, as i agree that the stickers are becoming a bit obsolete... it's nice to have them, but i'm not really doing anything with mine anymore... it'll be especially good if we get to keep all the pictures digitally without having to sign up to the company... if it's just two again, then it's just bullcrap and i don't see the point of changing anything...

  2. I completely agree - the digital images were only starting to come in when I left Japan and they were great, but the stickers themselves are something to treasure. I still have all the purikura from our adventures, and the print that you and Mel sent Jacob and I is stuck proudly in my diary :)

  3. I'm excited about this new development. It's a great idea to provide the puri digitally, however I'd still want to have the stickers, so providing both options is a must for me. ^^
    It would also be nice, as you said, to have the option to print later, or a few sheets. I'd be willing to pay extra for additional sheets, so that everyone in the photos could have one. ^__^


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