Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Purikura Skin-Tone Comparisons

This is a look at how much difference the skin-tone settings make when you take purikura.

I asked my friend who is Japanese-American to test this out with me so you guys can see two different skin-tone examples.

Also bear in mind that the machines are designed for Asian skin-tones, I know I've had a couple of times where my skin has looked weird and I guess that's the reason why.

Most machines give you five settings with either the middle one or the second lightest being the recommended setting. I read a survey once that said that the second lightest setting is the most popular one to choose. Almost all the purikura on this blog are done on the second lightest setting.

Anyway, my friend agreed to take the same purikura machine three times in a row yay! It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday so we didn't have to queue. For the curious our purikura was timed at 13.38, 13.52 and 14.09. We chose Me Her Jyoshi 2 because I like it and because there was nobody in it when we got there!

First we took the middle setting:

Then the lightest:

Finally the darkest.

I was actually surprised at how little difference there seemed to be- we thought that maybe the lightest setting made me look too pale and the darkest gave my friend a tan, but I think we were examining them very closely! I put the pictures together so you can make a better comparison. Lightest is on the left and darkest on the right.
I think you do lose a bit of definition on the lightest setting and there's more of a contrast on the darkest. I was surprised at the lack of different to be honest. It could be this machine and maybe other machines have a wider range. Maybe I'll do another post one day...

What do you guys think? For those who take/have taken purikura, what setting do you usually use?


  1. We should try this again with another machine. Maybe from a different company?

    1. Haha I wasn't sure if you would want to but sure! :)

  2. very interesting!! although i think it could be that since this is one of the "better" machines, there is very little difference.

    i once took one on a really dark setting years ago and i look so weird, not like i have a tan but my skin is much darker than should be... lol. and i know i have some with you on the lightest where we look all washed-out! lol.

    but maybe the machines are just improving?

    1. Could be... though you'd think if they bother to have settings choice then the settings would actually do something...

  3. At my Daiei, the purikura was 200 and 300 yen for the past week. Do you know any reason why they made it cheaper?

    1. Could just be a promotion. They have the ability to change the price but I usually only see them change one machine on a special "300 yen day" or something...


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