Monday, 16 July 2012

Video: Me Her Joshi 2

Today my friend and wore yukata (summer kimono) so of course we took purikura!
Snapshot 1 (16-07-2012 20-30)
Me Her Jyoshi has a new version with new backgrounds so we used that. This time with the video I added the finished pictures into the video as we took them so you guys can see how they look as we go!

Most the update is new backgrounds. Here are the pictures we took using the MudaCawa Me course…




And some new backgrounds from the OshaCawa Her course…




The collage is similar but a different arrangement to one of the old ones.
Me Her Jyoshi is still one of my favourites if not my actual favourite at the moment. I always choose it unless I have something to try or someone else has a preference! I’m glad the new backgrounds are cute and that some of the old favourites are still there!

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