Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: Kirei Navi

With Kirei Navi2 just released and me trying to get my computer organised, I remembered that I took pics of the original version a while back. Notes on the new version at the end too!
When you go in to this machine you’ll notice that the camera is on the opposite side to most machines. Usually the camera is on the side towards the decorating screen, I guess so all the technical stuff is in the same place. I have no idea why, but this machine has the camera and monitor on the back wall.
The second thing you notice is that there are two cameras and two screens. The top camera is for the close up pictures and the bottom camera is for the full length shots. It claims to give you longer legs that way.
The big upper screen is a touch screen and handles most things, the bottom screen is only used to show you the angle from the bottom camera.
Lots of light, the whole back wall is glowy/reflective and the company even points out that the shelves are see through… although you dump all your stuff on them so I don’t think that matters too much!
I think the difference in the two courses is that the bottom one things are selected for you? Anyway when in doubt choose the big button with おススメ (recommended).
You can choose between couple course, friend course and (unique as far as I know) mama course. I think I’ll have to borrow one of my friends’ kids to try it out someday! We chose friend course Smile
Eye selection. However, even if you chose ‘natural’ your eyes are somewhat enlarged so be warned!
You get to choose between ‘variety’ shapes and portrait and square. Variety means you can take thin long ones and thin vertical ones too. They fit into some schedule books better or to fill up odd gaps in your purikura album. They can be a bit awkward sometimes though and your pictures are smaller.
As you can see from the beige shapes at the top, you can choose two square shots and one thin horizontal shot (“mini-wide”). These are taken with the upper camera.
Then you take a portrait, a square and a thin portrait (“mini-long”) All these are taken with the lower camera so although you take a square shot it’s full length with space on the sides. It’s hard to explain so let’s see some examples!
Normal portrait vs mini-long. You can just about get three people in the pictures!
Normal square vs. full length square. You can see on the full-length that my boot is slightly cut off, that’s the space you get to take the picture. You can decorate all of it though!
lala (2)
And the mini-wide:
Another unique part of this machine is that you can choose colours and line styles for your final layout. This was the first machine to consider the final print as one big sticker. Lots of girls keep their purikura strips intact, so machines like Lady By Tokyo, Milk Beauty and ICON have layout design options, but this was the first!
You can choose between three colours: white, black and pink, and three line styles: (around the purikura) whole line, dashes or dots. I actually don’t like the lines as it makes the pictures difficult to cut out.
The next thing you get to do is make your own set of stamps/pens. They appear on a special tab. You need to choose two colours, one pattern and up to three themes (karaoke, shopping, date etc) They have little icons to help you if you can’t read. It makes some simple stamps and pens in your chosen colours.
Each person can choose their own set.
Here’s aweird decorating thing where you can put your face into stretched animals etc… I don’t get it… but ok…
This is one touch face decorations. The machine automatically finds your face and adds the things in the right place. However, if you look at the preview you’ll see that because of my friend’s hat the machine couldn’t detect her face!
The hair sparklies and cheek decorations:
Some rolling stamps:
The message stamps have some cute styles:
Vertical messages, these are useful for the space on the full-length square ones.
There’s also some simple one-touch graffiti if you are short of time or inspiration.
As most of the machines now do, there’s also blog/phone graphics. You can choose from various sizes:
One touch blog graphics:
Phone graphics:
Overall I like this machine, I think it can be a bit fiddly with all the different options. Maybe this isn’t a good machine for a first-timer!
The pictures print out nicely and clear and the colours are strong, your eyes and eyelashes print out a little lighter than the screens show.
And our pictures!
Now, Kirei Navi2 just came out and I had a go at the weekend. It’s points are:
  • Leg length options: beautiful, model, supermodel
  • Stamps/frames/parts aimed at bloggers
  • Stamps designed for full-length shots
  • More layout designs
I like it too and I hope to get a review up soon!


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! looks amaizing!!! i fall in love >___<! i love your outfit with boots and shorts!! love them!!

  2. Uwah, it's so cute! >u<
    I haven't taken purikura in a while since I'm busy with school... ;(

    1. Haha I usually take purikura at least once a week, but if I don't take for a while I get withdrawal! lol

    2. Lol! ^^
      Oh, and I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award!
      Please check out my post! ^^

      ( www.carefreecentral.blogspot.com )

    3. Haha I'm not one for those kind of things, but thanks!

  3. wait, there's phone graphics?! we must go back again so i can get some!! i accidentally changed my "receiving mail" one and now it's this really ugly pic... T_T

    aah, i remember that one now.. i guess i like version2 better than the original then. and why you put up those super unflattering pictures of me?!? T_T

    1. Yep, you just need to choose the right size on the blog screen :)

      I don't think the pics of you are unflattering!! :(

  4. lol one of your photos says S&M and made me laugh

    1. Yep, that's why we write it! :D it is our initials though :)

  5. omg purikura these days are getting so awesome!! Love the photos~ I love that you review purikura machines!!


    1. Thank you!
      Yes, in the last few years the machines have changed so much!


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