Thursday, 2 February 2012

Getting Purikura to a mobile phone: Make

Trying to spread these out so there aren’t too many how-to posts together! This is how to get your pictures from Make machines to a regular Japanese mobile phone.
This is much much easier than the iPhone you’ll be glad to hear!
I only have how to get the free pictures as my friend isn’t signed up for the pay service. Still, most people only get the free ones so hopefully this will help!
First, when your email arrives click the great big link to get to the website…
It will take you straight to your page, even if you are not a member it keeps your old purikura in storage. That’s what the list of dates are at the bottom. It does have a storage limit though so if you cannot get to your pictures it may mean you have to delete some old ones to make room.
On this page you need to click the first available link to get your newest pictures.
It says “Members can get all pictures” but this is where your free one is too.
On the next page you will see the picture you selected for download when you took the purikura.
You need to click the second link under the picture for the free one. It conveniently says “free” in English there!
The little logo thingy also says free…
Then your free picture will pop up and you can save the image however your phone does, all the phones are different so I won’t even try to cover that!
And there you go!
So much easier than the iPhone site which requires you to be a member, although once you’ve signed up for that it’s not so bad!
And to finish off with our tired, after work, yet still hella fun purikura…
Thanks to my beautiful assistant for letting me take pics of her phone, and hope this helps someone out!

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