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BF Manual Second Label

My first review on this blog was Tsubasa Masuwaka's BF Manual, and now there's a second version out called BF Second Label. I liked the original machine but was disappointed with the printout colours, so what's changed?

First cute point is outside the machine while you are waiting. There's a screen playing a slideshow but if you touch the button you get Tsubasa TV where she explains some of the points of the machine.

Inside the machine looks pretty much the same as the first version, big solid lights cover the main wall with the camera and touch screen surrounded.
The first big difference is on the course selection screen. Previously there was the Friend Course (two Tsubasas) and the Couple Course (Tsubasa and Naoki). Now there is a third option of the Men's Course (two Naokis). This is for boys to take less 'cute' purikura. This is the first time I've seen a purikura course aimed at boys. Probably because many purikura places forbid groups of boys to go to purikura alone. More on the men's course later.
Course Options
Course detail on the outside
You can choose two full length pictures and four square pictures. There are six sections compared to the previous five. Normal, Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Simple, Frame and (the new) Special. Some backgrounds are the same some are new. The guide pictures have been updated but some with the same or similar poses.
Special Backgrounds

As a Tsubasa fan I'm happy because the machine has pictures of Tsubasa and Umeshan everywhere, couldn't resist a couple of extra pics, because she's cute and he's hot (Even if she did have plastic surgery I bet their son will be good looking!)

The screen that's waiting when you get to the graffiti section
Guide to the Machine and beware of thieves sign
Speaking of the beware of thieves sign, it is a problem that you can't always keep a good eye on your bags when you are at a purikura booth, especially if it's busy or if the place has no seats. If you have a seat you can try and keep the bags in front of you but even then it's a risk. So recently some machines, including this one, have a built in hook that you can hang your handbag on to keep it safer.

Luggage Hook
Anyway on to the decoration section!

Here's a problem. The layout screen is before the decoration screen. Now if you were wanting to choose a big sticker (which I think you do from the top labels) you have to choose which picture you want to be big first. Sometimes you mess up the decoration or it just doesn't work out and then you'd be stuck with a larger version of the purikura. I think layout selection should most definitely come after decoration.

As before you have the name stamps, we each have nicknames that work in romaji when you type them in hiragana so that's ok now. You just have to have a think before you go! This time as well as the longer type name stamps there's squarer ones and vertical ones

There is a section with monthly themed stamps though they weren't anything really special. (Wow, I hadn't realised how long ago I took these pictures! Sorry!)

As for the stamps, I didn't take too many pictures but I think the messages are pretty cute. There's a few with specific fashion points which I like...

 There's also a section based on Tsubasa's looks, which might work if you have a good pose and time to play with the settings, you have ten size options, you can rotate left and right, and 3D left and right. It's a nice touch on a Tsubasa produced machine but if you aren't bothered by her you won't be bothered with this section either.

There's a lot of nice pen choices and I like that above the sections they have examples of writing in the pens because sometimes you can't really tell just from the little loopies they usually show. I also copied some of the examples handwriting because it's cute!

There's also a kind of shortcut popup menu so you can see all the kinds of pens and jump to that section to choose your colours.

There's also a men's section with special stamps, roller stamps, messages and pens. It's designed to complement the men's course but it's accessible from the other courses as well.

 As before one of my favourite features of this machine is the button that allows you to use whatever stamp or pen your friend is using. We all have those times where we look over and go "Ooh! Where's that?" and then waste time clicking through menus. With this button which is next to the main decorating screen you tap it and voila! you have the same thing your friend has.

I think this is a new feature but there's a one-touch graffiti option for if you have no inspiration or if you are running out of time. They are quite cute compared to some of the other machines, also you have more than one option!

And how did the pictures turn out? Well, not too great actually. I wasn't too keen on any so I chose the collage option. The colours just look pale, and not in a pastel way just washed out. The actual print out is the same and I was disappointed by it. It's a pretty good machine but the fact that the print out isn't so great might be the thing that makes me chose a different machine in the end.

Here's a bonus! We went back on a different day and decided to give the men's course a go! Unlike the regular courses (and other machines) there is no eye enlargement option on this machine. Because boys look like aliens in purikura! The frames and colours are much more 'masculine', greens and blues, stripes not dots etc. The detailed frames are more boyish too, army camo, music and game themed. (Disclaimer! I don't approve of gender stereotyping but society really isn't there yet!)

You also get Umeshan on the guide poses... don't get distracted!

I said before that the men's section of the decoration is available for all courses but it is meant to go with the men's course so the colours and themes match up...

 And the pictures? I like the look of them, it's nice to have a change from the pink girlie options, My friend looks really good but I think I need stronger pretty-making machines!


  1. Wow this is so cute! I always wanted to try this! Thanks so much for the review ^^ I am a huge Tsubasa Fan! I love her to bits! I love your blog!

  2. Thanks! A Tsubasa fan should definitely get to try this someday :)

  3. Wow. Now there's an interesting bit of trivia. Groups of boys aren't allowed in? I wonder if that's a bit of gay discrimination there- and what about boys from... non co-ed schools? Though I myself would never enter a purikura without a being accompanied by a girl... it just feels wrong, somehow.

  4. I have seen groups of boys in some places, so it depends on the game centre. But from what I understand it's more to keep girls from being harassed by groups of boys.

  5. I like you reviews very much, and I hope you to review nanairo co. machine x D

  6. Ah, I tried that one and didn't like it much. I think it's still in my local game centre... I'll have a look.

  7. wow,your blog was super interesting.It was all about purikura man!Tsubasa's purikura machine was soo nice.I would like to try one someday when I'm in Japan

  8. It is all about purikura! I hope you get the chance to try it!


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