Monday, 21 February 2011

Purikura segment on Himitsu no Arashi

Recently (I believe it was the 17th of February) the evermore present Arashi did a segment on purikura on their TV show Himitsu no Arashi-chan (TBS Thu 10pm). I don't have any clips or screenshots for you but I'm sure you can find it from your regular Japanese TV sources.

Basically they each took a turn being at the front to take a picture and then decorate it to see how it turned out. The guys are mid-twenties so I would guess they are maybe a little old for date purikura, they seemed a bit surprised by how big the eyes became on the newer machines.

Nino took his and the the first thing he said was "My eyes are so big!". Aiba got into the swing of things by doing a double peace pose and saying "Agepoyo!" ("gyaru" slang for raising the mood) He also wrote that on his picture.

Someone said that Jun looked like an alien in one of the pics. Guys say this a LOT when they take purikura.

Ohno's picture came out scary, the machine really picked up his lashes and he looked like a drag queen!

It's quite interesting that purikura is really designed to emphasis the "girlieness" of how you look. It makes your eyes big and cute and darkens your eye make-up. Sometimes I really think that girls look so cute in purikura but that guys look kind of weird...especially on the really big eye settings on the new machines

I wonder if the "couple course" on the BF Manual machine has some kind of magic where the boy looks more boy-ish...


  1. did a quick intarweb search and found one blogger who had put up the arashi purikura pics:

    i think i have to agree with the "alien eyes" remarks XDD

  2. Sometimes the machines make my eyes look too big but I think I look more like a frog than an alien!


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